Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about EquiPages

Is this a free service?

Why should I Register?

What do I need to do to Claim my Listing?

I would like for my listing to include my webshop, how can I do this?

Tell Me About Equipages

Our goal here at Equipages is to enable any equestrian related business to have a place to post all their businesses info (FB, install, phone, email, website) onto a platform that is easily accessible and catered specifically to the right demographic.

We encourage the communities’ Registered business owners to interact with the community by providing services to enable them to do so (For Example: you may post advertisements regarding community events, display what services and disciplines you provide, a description of you business, your location, photos, links to your webshops if applicable. You are encouraged to add as much information onto your listing as possible.

EquiPages is also meant to be a place where Equestrians can easily find the right business for their needs by searching through the map directory. Additionally, registered users may Create and RSVP to community Events.

Overall, our goal is to try our best to help the in equine industry market and gain exposure more easily, so that businesses can focus on their horses and clients!

We will be be adding additional services throughout the year, so don’t forget to check in with us by following us on Instagram and Liking our Facebook page.

Is Equipages Free?

Registration, Submitting a Listing, and interacting with all of our capabilities is completely FREE.

However, our additional marketing services are $5 (via PayPal)

This Includes:

Upgrading your listing to the Featured Level. A Featured listing will appear at the very top of all relevant search results, and we will work together with you in order to make sure you are satisfied and that your listing fulfills your needs – $5 monthly fee in order to stay on the featured list

Enlist our Advanced Development team to work with you to improve the quality of your listing (make sure it appears high up on Google Search Results, improve listing formatting, as well as assisting with complex technological support) requires a donation of an unspecified amount.

Why Should I Register? What are the Benefits?

Registration is Completely FREE and only take 2 minutes. It allows you to access exclusive features:Updating your profile with your personal information, Profile Picture, Cover Photo, a Description about you, as well as your own photos and content on your wall.

Claiming your listing enables you to exclusively edit it (Please note claims are manually approved in order to prevent spammers, there will be a short time delay)

You may post any amount of listings and manage them all with one account

Once you have claimed your listing(s), all notifications regarding comments, ratings and inquiries will be sent to you. If you do not claim the listing, all these notifications are sent to the site administrators.

You are able to connect and communicate directly with other members, as well as build a network of friends through our friending capability

What do I need to do to Claim my Listing?

To Claim your Listing:

Step One: Go onto the home page

Step Two: On the top-left hand side of the menu, click “Register”

Once you have submitted your Registration form, you will receive an email. Follow the email link to confirm your Account.
(NOTE) Until an administrator approves your account, you may only access only your own profile, and view listings. You will be restricted from using the full capability of the site. We manually approve our members as a safety measure, unfortunately this means there may be some slight delay.

Step Three: Find the listing you are claiming

Once you have found and have clicked on the listing, click the flag button (highlighted below) and fill out the claim form

Once your account has been approved, and you find your listing – click on the flag icon on the top right of your listing and fill out the claim form.
This also has to be approved by an administrator. Once it is approved, the listing can now be edited exclusively by you.

I would like for my listing to include my webshop, how can I do this?

We are currently Developing this feature, so please stay tuned !